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Gayle the Goose

Gayle the Goose
Goes Global


Gayle the Goose helps Presley the Perplexed Platypus


Colouring Book

Books with Gayle the Goose's Friends


Harold the 
Homeless Hermit

Polar Bear Pete's 
Perfect Performance

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Don't Judge a
Character by its Book



Grady the
Grasshopper Graduates

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The Zoo's News

 ABOUT- Books with Gayle the Goose

Gayle the Goose Graduates

Age: 4-9 years

Lesson: Everyone has fears, but we must learn strategies to deal with fears. 

About the book: Gayle the Goose, a directionally challenged Canada Goose, has faced her biggest challenge yet in her latest book, Gayle the Goose Graduates. In her previous books, Gayle the Goose learned strategies such as watching for landmarks to navigate herself home after mistakenly getting lost across Canada (Gayle the Goose Goes Global), then again after being lost at sea (Gayle the Goose Helps Presley the Perplexed Platypus). In her latest adventure, Gayle is again trying to find her way, but this time her struggle is finding her way around her new big school, and it is beginning to affect her education.  Unfortunately, landmarks don’t help Gayle in school as artwork changes on the walls, supply teachers fill in, and lost and found bins appear and disappear making landmarks nearly impossible to rely on. Surprisingly, Gayle learns a new approach to solving her problem that has been right in front of her bill the entire time.

Gayle the Goose Goes Global

Age: 4-9 years

Lesson: Being 'different' can be scary, but there are many rewards in being an individual.

About the book: The rhyming text, beautiful illustrations, and strong characters will bring readers into the story of Gayle the Goose Goes Global. Gayle is a regular Canada Goose except for one thing. She is directionally challenged. When her flock flies away, leaving Gayle behind at migration time, she is forced to either sit back and wait for their return, or take matters into her own wings by migrating on her own. Brave Gayle takes on the challenge of a lifetime and learns that she can both survive and thrive on her own.  When Gayle returns to share her adventures with the rest of her flock, the geese begin to wonder if her quirkiness may be just what the flock was missing. Perhaps a change from the ordinary routine would do them all a little good.

Gayle the Goose Helps Presley the Perplex Platypus


Age: 4-9 years

Lesson: Families can come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes family can be created with important people and animals in our life.

About the book: Presley is a newborn platypus who hatched from an egg all alone and is now on a mission to find his mom. Presley was born in Australia but he was quickly befriended by Gayle, a lost Canada Goose, who accidentally landed on an Australian shore when she was trying to migrate home to Canada. The two new friends hop on Gayle’s raft and begin their searches which take them all over the globe. Every stop brings them to a new continent which teaches them about different family structures around the world. When the pair reaches their last continent and settles in the diverse and multicultural land of Canada, Presley’s quest is a success, although you may be surprised why.  

Colouring Book


Age: 2-9 years

About the book: Enter the world of Polar Bear Press through this exciting colouring book. Each character is from one of Natasha Peterson and Studio Patachitra beautiful self-published children’s books. All the characters are animals with some relatable human condition, and each has learned that their differences are what make them all wonderfully unique and imperfectly perfect.

ABOUT- Books with Gayle the Goose's Friends

Nutty Neighbours

Age: 4-9 years

Lesson: We should never judge someone before we meet them, and sharing is an important life skill.

About the book: This rhyming story combined with vibrant illustrations and cute characters is guaranteed to pull young readers into the lovely and wacky tale of Nutty Neighbours. This is the story of a cheeky chipmunk named Charlie, and a spunky squirrel named Pearl. Although they are alike in many ways, they are actually forest foes.  When both hungry animals collide in a race for some freshly fallen food, their personal anxieties and prejudices prevent either of them from being able to grab the desired snack. Forced to work together if they wish to eat, both animals learn an important life lesson about getting to know someone before you judge them.

Harold the Homeless Hermit

Age: 4-9 years

Lesson: A house is just a house, but a home is where your family is.

About the book: The stunning images and rhyming text makes Harold the homeless hermit an ideal story for children who enjoy a taste for adventure. Harold is a Hermit Crab who has outgrown his home jug and must quickly find a new dwelling for protection; otherwise he may end up as some seagull’s dinner. While searching for a new residence, he checks out some rather unusual homes in his pursuit for something ‘better’ and ‘flashier’ than his usual old shell or jug. The situation begins to leave him feeling slightly ‘crabby’ when things don’t go Harold’s way.  The story reminds us that a house is just a house, but family makes a house a home.

Polar Bear Pete's Perfect Performance

Age: 4-9 years

Lesson: Be proud of who you are, and never be ashamed to show the world your true self.

About the book: Polar Bear Pete is the regal and strong king of the Artic. He is a traditional leader who has pride in his ordinary and well-behaved subjects; however, when the stars come out, and the kingdom’s at rest, Pete has a secret passion. When an avalanche causes Pete to expose his secret talent to save his kingdom, Pete is terrified to see how the others will react. Pete learns that he needs to be proud of whom he is, and realizes that he is not the only animal keeping a secret.

ABOUT- Other Awesome Books from Polar Bear Press

Don't Judge a Character by its Book

Age: 7-9 years

LessonThe rhyming text and cute illustrations playfully bring to life the lesson that we are all complex and we should not be judged by one story alone. 

About the book: Have you ever wondered what happened to some of your favourite fairy tale characters after their story finished? Was there justice for the ‘bad guys’, and were the ‘good guys’ as pure and wonderful as they seemed? In this book, a reporter named Ivana Find-U follows-up with these characters and is able to reveal a different side of the story.

Grady the Grasshopper Graduates


Age: 4-9 years

Lesson: When we work together as a team, we are stronger.

About the book: Bugs have been around since before the time of dinosaurs, but what is their secret? For those with a thirst for knowledge, the secret can be discovered at the annual Brainy Bug Bash. Grady, a young, over confident grasshopper stumbles upon this impressive event. Will this smug grasshopper be willing to accept some advice or will he simply hop away? The survival of all bugs may depend on his very important decision.

The Zoo's News

front cover zoo book-01- edited final.jpg

Age: 4-9 years

Lesson: Never continue a rumour. Always go to the source of the information if something is unclear.

About the book: Shhhh, there is a secret going around at the zoo. Have you heard the latest news? The secret is spreading quickly, but the problem is, everyone is hearing it differently!!! Despite the story having a happy ending, silly illustrations, and fun rhyming text, this book gently introduces the harm that can happen when a little misheard secret transforms into a string of incorrect rumours. Will the rumours at the zoo pull the group of friends apart, or can the relationships be saved?

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