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Going Global

As a self-published author, I love seeing where my books end up in the world. Here are some pics of Polar Bear Press Books being enjoyed around the globe.  

 Azores Portugal, E.U

Gayle flies overseas

European Union


 Azores Portugal, E.U

Gayle goes for a ride

Venice, Italy.jpg

 Venice, Italy

 Spain, E.U

Gayle reads to some Spanish Geese

 Alicante, Spain, E.U

Gayle flies overseas

DSC_4258 Gayle at the Crystal Palace, Pa

Crystal Palace,

Parque del Retire, Madrid Spain


 Buckingham Palace, England, E.U

Gayle visiting the royals

 King's Cross Station, England, E.U

Gayle visiting where Harry Potter enters into Hogwarts

 Cornwall, England, E.U

Gayle flies overseas

Gayle riding the metro in Paris.jpg

Paris, France- Metro Map

 Ireland, E.U

Gayle the Goose

 Poland, E.U

Gayle flies overseas


French Side of the Pyrenee Mountains, East of Andorra

DSC_2255 Gayle visits Carcassonne, Franc

Carcassonne, France

Gayle - Colleseum Rome.jpg
Gayle at the Louvre France.jpg

Colleseum, Rome, Italy

Louvre, France

Gayle - Colleseum Rome.jpg

United States


 South Carolina- USA

Gayle the Goose


Palm Dessert, California-USA

Gayle the Goose


 Bellingham,Washington- USA

Gayle the Goose

Seattle Washington.jpg

 Seattle, Washington- USA

Gayle the Goose

Haight Ashbury, San Francisco.jpg

 Haight Ashbury,

San Francisco- USA

Gayle the Goose

Legion of Honour Museum- Rodin's The Thi

Legion of Honour Museum,

San Francisco- USA

Gayle the Goose

Portland, Oregon.jpg

  Union Station in Portland, Oregon, - USA

Gayle the Goose



 Santa Maria- Cuba

Gayle the Goose

Dominican Republic

Gayle the Goose relaxing in the sunshine


Gayle the Goose gets a tan

Half Moon Cay - Bahamas

Gayle the Goose chilling in the Bahamas

Central America


Panama Canal- Panama

Gayle the Goose

Roatian - Honduras-

Gayle the Goose

Mayan Ruins -Mexico

Gayle went for a climb




Huatulco -Mexico

Gayle the Goose




Sydney Opera House -Mexico


South America


Brazil -South America

Gayle the Goose & Nutty Neighbours

Ecuador -South America

Gayle the Goose makes friends everywhere she goes!

Lima, Peru -South America

Gayle the Goose 

Arica, Chile -South America

Gayle the Goose 



Calcutta -India

Gayle the Goose & Polar Bear Pete



Crossing Canada

Gayle the Goose 


Toronto, ON- Canada

Gayle the Goose at the CN Tower

Almonte, ON- Canada

Gayle the Goose & Nutty Neighbours at Mill Street Books

Kanata, ON- Canada

Gayle the Goose & Nutty Neighbours at Chapters in Kanata

Perth, ON- Canada

Harold the Homeless Hermit at the Perth Library

Ottawa, ON- Canada

Gayle the Goose at the VIA train station

Carleton Place, ON- Canada

Nutty Neighbours being read by Pearl the Squirrel

Haliburton, ON- Canada

Gayle the Goose 

Stittsville, ON- Canada

Gayle the Goose visits their public school 

 Westport, ON- Canada

Gayle visits a school in Westport


Mt. Tremblant.jpg

Mt. tremblant- Quebec, Canada

Kingston, ON- Canada

Gayle the Goose 

Long Sault, ON - Canada

Gayle the Goose visits a school

 Kenora, ON- Canada

Gayle & friends visit a nice family


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Gayle the Goose meeting

her idol, Winnie the Pooh

British Columbia

Bowen Island, British Columbia

Gayle the Goose 

Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia

Gayle the Goose 


Molly's Reach, Gibsons, British Columbia

Gayle the Goose 



 Inukshuk in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut

Gayle the Goose

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