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  Meet the Author

Our Team

   Natasha Peterson

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Nafisa Arshad

           Manoj Pradhan

        Ankur Majumder

Ruhi Soni


Natasha Peterson-

Creator of Polar Bear Press

Author of all stories by Polar Bear Press

Natasha Peterson is an author that loves to write rhyming stories and poems for young children. The Zoo's News is Natasha’s newest self-published children’s book.  All of her self-published books are created with the same outstanding team of illustrators; Manoj Pradhan, Ankur Majumder and Ruhi Soni from Studio Patachitra.  Natasha publishes her book with her own logo, Polar Bear Press. 


            In addition to her self-published books, Natasha has eleven different poems published in various anthologies by a variety of publishers.  


            When Natasha is not writing she works as a skating coach, and at a restaurant; however her favorite job is being mom to her two children. Natasha dreams of one day turning her stories into short children’s programs that can be shared worldwide.

Nafisa Arshad -

Book Layout for Polar Bear Press

Freelance Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Owner of Nafisa Graphics- Illustrator of books below 






Illustrator Nafia Arshad lives in Pakistan has been a children’s book illustrator for over eight years. She has illustrated countless books. Her detailed and bright images have brought her world-wide recognition as an illustrator. She enjoys illustrating books all around the world.





Manoj Pradhan-

Project Coordinator with Polar Bear Press Illustrations- worked on books below

CEO of Studio Patachitra


Manoj Pradhan is the CEO of Studio Patachitra and is the key funder in the creation and development of Studio Patachitra. He presides over key management decisions and also loves to be a part of ad hoc responsibilities to be made for the growth of Studio Patachitra.


Prior to forming Studio Patachitra, Manoj was a freelancer and has won many online bids to create graphic art, comics, animation, games and children books for International clients. Manoj has been a part of all the Polar Bear Books. His other interests lie in creating drones and is a certified loT Architect.



Ankur Majumder-

Illustrator for Polar Bear Press - worked on the books below

Animator with Studio Patachitra 

Ankur is a self-taught animator who loved to paint since his childhood and was hugely influenced by 2D animated shows broadcasted on television. Ankur has worked at creating all the characters in the Polar Bear Books. Even though the financial situation of his family did not allow him to get admitted to an animation school, it didn’t stop him from fulfilling his dream anyway.


His dream turned into his realty when he got the opportunity to work for an animation production. Ten years later, he now hopes to create 2D animated movies, because animation for him is not just a source or purpose for entertainment, but on a large scale, a filmmaking medium.

Ruhi Soni-

Book Layout for Polar Bear Press- worked on books below

Freelance Graphic Designer/Illustrator



Ruhi is the amazing and very talented woman who designs the layout of the text and images on each page of the Polar Bear Press books. When she's not designing the layout, she enjoys working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator.

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