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Reviews for Gayle the Goose Goes Global

"This delightful book by Natasha Peterson takes us back to being a child again. We sense Gayle's frustration, and rejoice in her finale accomplishments. But this is a story for all ages, and the beautiful illustrations take us joufully along on Gayle's remarkable journey. I know this book will delight the young at heart."

Mary Cook

Author and Journalist

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book and feel readers will relate to Gayle and her uniqueness. The reader discovers Canada while Gayle’s determination develops her confidence, not to mention her social skills. This book is an easy read, very educational and the illustrations compliment this beautiful story."


Issie Mullen

Part-time Early Childhood Educator at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario

“An uplifting tale about being different and a fabulous geography lesson of Canada along the way. Your kids will love it!” 

Georgie Binks

Writer, journalist, and author of A Crack in the Pavement.

"Gayle the Goose is written in a lovely and lilting rhyming style, making it a joy to read aloud. Gayle is a different sort of a goose, but her directional disability is what takes her places she would otherwise never see: and those are places which introduce young readers to Canada. What better country for a Canada Goose to explore, albeit by accident? 

With its gorgeous illustrations, this book is sure to captivate readers of all ages. Ending with some fun facts about Canada Geese, I think it is a book that children will be asking their parents to read again and again. Then they will want to read themselves."


 G.G. Neilson

Retired teacher and author. Along with the Gibson's Landing Writers, she is self published in Elemental - An Anthology. Before that she self-published Beogall's Choice for teens and young adults. This book will be available soon through Belfire Press under the new title, Toby Myers and the Birds of Westwind

"A great read. Very empowering and inspiring for young and impressionable minds."

Jessica Collette-Sokolowski

MEd and is PhD candidate. She is also the author of, Is Daycare 'Best' for my Child?

"Gayle the Goose Goes Global, written by Natasha Peterson, is a wonderful rhyming picture book that teaches a myriad of valuable lessons to the young reader.  The rhyming is on-point and flows very nicely and the illustrations create a beautiful imagery of Canada.

The story begins with Gayle, a confused Goose who lacks the much needed confidence of her internal compass to guide her flock down south for the winter.  Because of her lack of ability to guide, she is kicked out of the leadership role and left behind to fend for herself and find her way home.  Her solo adventure takes her to a variety of Canadian cities and landmarks, highlighting Canadian geography for the young reader. Gayle meets new furry and feathered friends along the way, also highlighting some of Canada’s native animals.  In the end, Gayle earns so much confidence from her trip around the country that she is able to lead the pack the following year with much success and pride.  

Throughout this tale, Natasha teaches young readers that it's OK to be different from others - we can be our true selves and still be accepted and even revered.   Building confidence takes time and often we have to look within ourselves to find the strength to try new things, as scary as they may seem at first.  At the end of the story, Natasha includes a fact sheet about Canada Geese, a fantastic learning tool for kids – making this book perfect for the classroom.  I highly recommend Gayle the Goose Goes Global – it’s a great story with even bigger lessons!"

Natasha Ferrill

Author of The Lemonman, a picture book series

"GAYLE is a book full of life lessons. You don’t need to be like everyone else, and others will help if you ask. What an entertaining mix of learning geography and social skills. Great settings for a picture book. The list of scientific facts at the end of the book extends the learning opportunities for those who want to know more."

Luby Aczel

Executive Director at The Specialists Guild - A nonprofit social enterprise focused on working with people and companies so individuals with Autism can earn a living doing meaningful and fulfilling work.

"Natasha Peterson's children's book, "Gayle the Goose Goes Global" is a highly deserving Canada Book Award winner! This tastefully illustrated book contains exceptionally creative rhyming couplets tracking the wayward adventures of Gayle the Goose. Such couplets have universal appeal for children. Furthermore, the book contains Fun Facts about Canada Geese easily integrated into Science studies. To order copies of the book, simply " fly" to Natasha's website which is 
You will be delighted with your purchase!"

Bruce R Foster

Retired Principal in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, and author of Zena's Sixth Birthday — Lessons Learned!

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